10 Amazing Tips to Calm the Nerves Before Race Day

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Are you racing this weekend? Maybe it’s next weekend? The race is in a couple of days and you can’t stop thinking about it! Perhaps it is affecting your concentration at work or in school. Perhaps you notice that your close friends are avoiding you. It could be because you also can’t stop talking about it. That’s okay, your friends will come back… after the race! 😉

Here are some tips to help calm your nerves:

#1  Listen to music

Find your favorite beat. Dance it out! If  you watched Grey’s Anatomy you know what I mean. The thing is it works!

#2  Movies

Pick a comedy and laugh it out. Laughing is a fantastic remedy to release tension.

#3  Visualization

Close your eyes and visualize your perfect race.

#4  Keep you mind busy

Start an art project. Paint, draw or build a masterpiece.

#5  Read a book

Travel in an imaginary world.

#6  Drink!

Drink tea or water. Keep hydrated!

#7  Breath in, Breath out!

Practice breathing techniques.

#8  Write!

Describe the perfect race.

#9  Call a friend

Ideally, call a friend that also registered to that same race or call someone that understand the before-race-nerves – another athlete.

#10  Social Media

Connect to a triathlon group on social media and get inspired.

There are so many ways to keep you mind busy. What’s your routine?

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