What to pack for your triathlon?

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Are you ready to pack your triathlon bag?

This is my triathlon checklist.

Happy Packing!


~ Goggles (Bring a spare)

~ Official Race Swim Cap (Bring a spare)

~ Anti-fog for goggles

~ Wetsuit (Optional)

~ Swimsuit or Tri suit



~ Tri suit or Tri or Bike short or Bike Jersey

~ Bike Rain Coat (Optional)

~ Helmet

~ Sunglasses

~ CO2

~ Bike Tube (Check if the tubes are still in good condition)

~ Bike Pump

~ Bike Maintenance kit

~ 2 Water Bottles

~ Bike Shoes (Optional)

~ Socks (Optional)

~ Bike Gloves



~ Hat

~ Running shoes

~ Bib belt

~ Bib



~ Transition mat (or towel)

~ Towel (for after the swim)

~ Sunscreen (Check expiration date)

~ Gels or Nutrition (Check expiration date)

~ Electrolyte (Check expiration date)

~ Body glide

~ Chamois Cream

~ Clothes for after the race

~ Plastic bags to cover your bike. Some races require that you drop your bike in transition the day before the race – even if it doesn’t rain, the evening dew will cover your bike overnight. TIP: I forgot the bags once and I used an old swim cap to at least cover the seat. 😉

~ Money (in case you have to pay for some bike parts or want an extra burger at the finish line)

~ You race chip!!!

Have a great race!


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