10 worth-it things to do before race day

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You registered for a triathlon? That’s awesome, congrats! Outside of  your regular triathlon training, here are some worth-it things to do before race day.

~ 1 ~

Check the maps!

Most races post their course maps on their website. Check it out! You will avoid surprises like finding yourself in a roller-coaster of hills on race day. I learned the hard way that South West of Calgary is quite hilly… stunning view but rolling! Another reason to check the maps is to avoid getting lost. I remember running an half-marathon and following a pack of runners until we all realized 4 km later that we were off course.  Yes, it happens…

~ 2 ~

Ride & Run

If you can, ride or at least drive the course again to avoid any surprises on race day.

~ 3 ~


Not your regular pool or lake? Get in it! Get comfortable with the difference of temperatures. If it is an open-water swim, get comfortable swimming in your wetsuit especially if you have spent the entire winter swimming at your local pool.

~ 4 ~


Practice both transitions. On race day, make it easy to transition from one sport to another by grouping your items together.

~ 5 ~


Try your nutrition during your training to ensure it does not upset your stomach. You don’t want to discover the side effects on race day.

~ 6 ~

Look good!

Decide what to wear in advance. Don’t wait until the day before the race to try on your tri suit.

~ 7 ~

Pack your triathlon bag

Again, don’t wait until the last minute to pack your triathlon bag. I have done that and with the stress of the race building up, it is easier to forget to bring something.

For help on what to pack, refer to this Blog Post: What to pack for your triathlon?

~ 8 ~

Read the athlete guide

You will find lots of useful information including roads closure, cut off times and location of the water stations.

~ 9 ~

Pick up your race package

Double-check the location and time to pick up your race package. Some races do not allowed to pick up your race package on race day.

~ 10 ~

Keep calm!

Easier said than done. I know. For tips, refer to this Blog Post: 10 Amazing Tips to Calm the Nerves Before Race Day



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