From Planner to Bullet Journal

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Last year, I was looking for a new planner primarily to write my appointments and my training schedule. But as I was shopping for the perfect planner, I became fancy and wanted my new planner to also be a tool to write notes like grocery list, must-do-this-weekend, writing-ideas, goal-settings… I was looking for an all-in-one book. So I stopped at a bookstore and after considering all my options, I picked one planner. It wasn’t the perfect planner but it met my minimum requirements.

~ The weekly calendar starts by Monday ( instead of Sunday).

~ All days of the week have the same allocated space on the weekly calendar. Sometimes, the Saturday & Sunday are smaller than the other days.

~ Must fit in my purse!

The next day, I showed my planner to a friend but it didn’t take long that I caught myself listing the drawbacks of my new planner:

~ I can’t use it until August because, well, that’s when the dates begin. [We were in May].

~ I can’t create “long” or let’s say longer to-do list as the planner allows three to-do list per page.

~ I can’t customize any templates. For example, I liked the idea of the Budget page but I couldn’t customize it and a lot of things listed on the budget list didn’t apply to me.

My friend smiled and said:

“You need a BuJo.”

“A what!?”

“A bullet journal!”

I had no clue what was a bullet journal. That evening, my friend sent me a few YouTube videos that I watched attentively. Long story short, the next day I bought my first Leuchtturm 1917 – the purple one and never look back at that cute planner that I bought only the day before.

Why do I prefer the BuJo?

~ One journal for everything!

~ You design it the way that you want and it doesn’t have to be laborious.

~ It allows to use your creativity by creating  design.

~ You can add as many subjects or topics as you want.

~ It’s relaxing! When you are absorbed in your design, you don’t think about your daily stress.

How did I get started with my BuJo?

Starting the first page of your Bujo is a big step but don’t overthink it. Just get started and remember that it doesn’t have to be perfect… I love that my BuJo has design mistakes and strikeouts. It’s perfectly imperfect. It feels more real, more personal.

The first page of my first BuJo was a simple to-do list of things that I wanted to complete by the end of the year. Then, I added weekly calendar templates. Now I’m writing absolutely everything in my BuJo – sticky notes, blog posts idea, workout ideas, races calendar and more.

I look forward to share my BuJo ideas and templates on this blog and be inspired by yours.

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