Bullet Journal ~ Creating Quick Pages

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 “That’s exactly what I need!” ~ Most people that check my Bullet Journal. “But wait… I don’t have enough time to create these cool pages and I’m not artistic.”

Start Simple 

We all experience it… life gets in the way. The trick to get started or keep up with your bullet journal is to start simple. Create simple pages. Then when time permits, add some features – trackers, funky designs, bright colors, etc.

When I started my first BuJo, I spend a lot of time, researching and designing my pages. I loved it! Bullet journal are so relaxing and I’m a bit artsy so I spent hours creating various pages with different designs. However, it didn’t take long that you could find my bullet journal on a shelf collecting dust. As much as I enjoyed creating new designs, I just didn’t have the time.

Creating Simple Weekly Pages

I learned to create quick and clean pages. Looking back, I can tell how busy my life was just by looking at my weekly pages. Some pages contain busy designs and others are quite plain.

These are usually the steps that I follow when creating new weekly calendar pages:

Step 1

Create the columns. I create a column for each day of the week starting by Monday (personal preference) and create a This Week column to list the things that I need to do this week.

Step 2

Create an interesting design. I love Washi tapes! They come in all colors, sizes and designs. So if I don’t have time to draw or simply lack inspiration, I just add Washi tapes.

Step 3

Get inspired and/or motivated. At the top of each weekly page, I add a quote or the quick goal of the week for inspiration. If you need quotes inspiration, visit my Powerful Words board on Pinterest.

And that’s it… Simple! You can create a few weeks just by watching an episode of your favorite show.


Do you have more time? 

Step 4

When I have more time, I add a mini monthly calendar and create a This Weekend section for things to do sometimes during the weekend.


Still have time? 

Step 5

When I still have time to improve my journal, I add more sections –  weekly goals, weekly trackers, spending log, etc.



Start by creating simple pages. If time permits, be creative. See how far you can go. Enjoy the process and have fun! 🙂

If you need inspiration for your bullet journal, follow my Bullet Journal board on Pinterest.


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