30 days Self-Care Challenge

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“Self-care is how you take your power back.”
~ Lalah Delia

Self-Care Challenge

It’s very simple! For the next 30 days, do one of your favorite self-care activities and keep track of your progress in your bullet journal.

I’m doing it with you! I quickly created a page in my bullet journal and I’ll share the results on day 30.

Are you in with me?



~ Create a list of self-care ideas. You don’t have to but if one day you lack inspiration you can quickly refer to your list.

~ You can repeat the self-care activities. For example, you can walk at lunch time every day if you want.

~ One activity is the minimum. You can do more if you want. There is no such thing as too much self-care activities (I think!).

~ Start today. Don’t wait until the beginning of the next month. Life gets in the way and you may forget about this challenge. You deserve to take care of yourself.

My Self-Care Ideas

This is my quick list of self-care activities.

1. Go for a 30 minutes walk – Get some fresh air and vitamin D

2. Go see a movie & treat yourself with your favorite snack

3. Go for a massage

4. Read a book for at least on hour

5. Find a comfy spot, close your eyes and listen to your favorite songs for at least 30 minutes

6. Attend a yoga class

7. Create artworks for at least an hour

8. Enjoy a bubble bath

9. Take a nap (20 minutes minimum)

10. Do some gardening

11. Meditate

12. Attend a fitness class

13. Cook an healthy meal for yourself and/or your family

14. Manicure and/or pedicure

15. Try something new (activities, restaurant, etc)


Looking forward to read about your transformation from day 1 to 30.

Take care!

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