About Passage of Nemesia

Hi,  I’m Jennifer.

Welcome to Passage of Nemesia website!


What is the mission of the website? 

It may sounds worn-out but my mission with this website is to help, inspire and entertain my readers by writing about the things that I’m passionate about.

I have been a Corporate Trainer for over 10 years and during this period, my trainees often told me that I inspired and motivated them with my life stories  – that I should be a life coach, a career mentor or a motivational speaker. I don’t know about that but I sincerely love helping people and I hope I will able to achieve it digitally.

What does Passage of Nemesia mean? 

This is the combination of two words – Passage and Nemesia.

Let’s start with the easy one. Nemesia are beautiful flowers and they come in variety of colors but Nemesia was also my pseudonym when I discovered the Internet and chat systems. I was happily surprised that it was still available.

Passage has so many definitions but here are some definitions that resonate with me.

~ A passage can be a paragraph or a section of a book. I believe my story is a passage in the Universe book or a section of the World Wide Web.

~ A passage suggests movement and progress. This resonates to me as life progress, taking risks, learning from experience.

~ A passage is a path to reach a destination. It means setting goals and milestones and achieve them.

~ A passage can also be an entrance or an exit. Entrance to healthy lifestyles, exit to bad habits.

Fun Facts about me!

#1  In case you haven’t seen it yet. I’m a triathlete. I have done over a dozen of triathlons, all distances except the Ironman distance. It’s my dream and I give myself another two years to achieve this goal.

#2  When I was 25 years old, I packed two bag packs, bought an one-way ticket and left Quebec City to go discover the West Canadian. At that time, I was only speaking French and didn’t bring a French/English dictionary. And yes, I was travelling alone.

#3  Most of my career I have been teaching technologies in the corporate world. A few months ago, I did an attempt to go back hands-on in technology and realized this wasn’t for me anymore. Long story short, I went back at what I’m good at – helping people. I am now a full-time IT recruitment consultant and I enjoy it.



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